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Weekly Chat – Wednesdays at 8pm EST

November 13th: The Issues With Leveled Reading Groups, hosted by Joy Cantey & Melissa Loftus (of the Baltimore Literacy Podcast).

November 20th: Understanding the Simple View of Reading, hosted by Tiffany Peltier & Ernesto Ortiz.

December 4th: The Fuss About Teacher Prep: Why are teachers saying they were unprepared to teach reading? Hosted by Abby Boruff & Scott Geisler.

December 11th: Our National Moment of Professional Learning: What’s the best way to bring new educators to this conversation? How do you share research with your PLN? Hosted by Margaret Goldberg (of Right2Read Project) & Brian Kingsley.

December 18th: Knowledge-building in K–2: Is it too early for knowledge-rich topics? Hosted by Lize Bailey & Callie Lowenstein.

January 8th: How does knowledge-rich curriculum affect quality writing? Hosted by Katie Scotti & Josh Lemere.

We’ll be off for the holiday weeks, November 27th, December 25th, and January 1st.

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