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Literacy Twitter, Meet #ELAChat

A few weeks ago, inspired by a tweet, I published a rallying cry to a group that I’ve been calling Literacy Twitter. A growing number of educators and literacy leaders share regularly in social media, posting about reading research and evidence-aligned instruction. Yet we lack community, and I wanted to change that.

Since that call to action, 100+ educators responded to the survey on hashtags and more. My gratitude to all!

A squad of passionate educators emerged as a steering group, bringing collective wisdom to this project.

What you all said, loud and clear:

  • yes, we need a hashtag
  • we also need a  weekly chat, pronto

So, without futherado…

Embracing #ELAchat for Sharing

We want to align around a hashtag for sharing, the way the math community uses #mtbos and #iteachmath.

The group consensus was:

  • The hashtag should have internal clarity.
  • Ideally it would be in use today, so that we’re joining a conversation… bringing research to an existing conversation… rather than creating our own siloed dialogue.

#ELAchat fits both bills!

Starting now, we hope you’ll tag your great reading and writing Tweets/Insta posts with #ELAchat. Also, consider skimming #ELAchat for gems. (I will be.)

#ELAchat is So On: Wednesdays at 8pm ET

The results of the Twitter surveys are in! 8pm Wednesdays is the best weekly chat time for the crowd. So, let’s do this!

We’ll kick off on November 13th with a VERY topical chat: The Issues With Leveled Reading Groups! Joy Cantey from Guilford County and Melissa Loftus of the Baltimore Literacy Podcast will co-host.

The schedule goes from strength to strength… check out the first six chats, hosted by twelve incredible educators, on this schedule page!

Extra credit if you suggest a chat topic and/or offer your hosting services.

Tonight, you can warm up by joining the literacy-themed #suptchat co-hosted by Brian Kingsley and Sonja Santelises. It just so happens that it’s also at 8pm EST on a Wednesday! I call that kismet.



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